Prequalified Bidders List for Construction Projects

Placement on the Prequalified Bidders List does not guarantee that the company will receive an Invitation to Bid, or a contract from the City of Jacksonville, nor does it imply that the company has any type of procurement relationship with the City either now or in the future, further, the City reserves the right to reject all bids when it is in the best interest of the City.

CompanyAlternate IDExp DateVertHorizMechMarineES ParkDemo < 3 Stories
A and L Remediation Services  6/27/2019     X
4 K Construction,  3/25/2019 X    
A. J. Johns, Inc  6/18/2019 X    
Abba Construction, Inc.  1/28/2020XX   X
AC General, Inc.  8/18/2019XXX XX
Accelerated Contractors, LLC  9/7/2019X     
ACD USA, Inc. dba a&e general contractors 2/24/2019XXXXXX
ACON Construction Company, Inc  10/8/2019XX XXX
Advanced Roofing, Inc.  2/18/2020X    X
Ajax Building Corporation  3/23/2020XX  XX
Allstate Construction, Inc.  1/17/2019X    X
Aman Construction Services, LLC  11/12/2019     X
Amazing Property Preservation Inc.  6/26/2019     X
American Lighting & Signalization, LLC  3/17/2019 X    
Archer Western Contractors, LLC  10/1/2019 X XX 
Arwood, Inc dba arwood wate 11/6/2019     X
Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc.  2/26/2019 X    
Auld & White Constructors, LLC  2/2/2019X    X
AWA Contracting Company, Inc.  8/26/2019 X    
Baker Construction Services LLC  3/21/2019XX X  
Baker Klein Engineering, P.L.  1/15/2019 XX   
Barber & Associates, Inc.  6/9/2019X    X
Barton Malow Company  2/11/2019X    X
Batson-Cook Company  1/28/2020X    X
BBG Contracting Group, Inc.  5/12/2019X    X
Best-Tec Asbestos Abatement, Inc.  4/17/2019     X
BGCO, Inc.  12/12/2019XX  XX
Breaking Ground Contracting Company  12/12/2019XX  XX
Burkhalter Wrecking Inc  2/2/2019X    X

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